AC500 PLC building automation solutions

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ABB technology offers a complete concept for building automation starting from monitoring, controlling, heating and ventilation down to precise room control. Take advantage of an all-in-one homogenous and integrated platform for scalable automation and reliable building systems.

Create the buildings of tomorrow already today and protect your long-term assets

Smart networking features make it easy to meet the requirements for energy efficiency, cyber security and the availability of real-time data for the efficient management of the complete building.

  • Use the AC500 PLC and S500 I/O for modular control e.g. for advanced energy-efficient and safe operation and monitoring tasks, from small to the largest buildings.
  • Use the AC500 communication capabilities with industrial fieldbuses and protocols like Modbus, BACnet to connect, control and monitor third party equipment and the large portfolio of ABB components such as low voltage products, ACS drives, motors and substations.
  • Use KNX-IP connectivity to add communication capabilities of the proven ABB i-bus® KNX devices such as Dali, M-Bus etc. to the PLC automation level.
  • Use the AC500 to connect to building automation management systems and the cloud e.g. with BACnet and OPC UA. Complete the solution with local CP600 control panels and AC500 HTML5 web server visualization capabilities for powerful local or remote monitoring across all levels.

AC500 covers the needs of a smart building

The AC500 PLC is an open control platform and used in many building and infrastructure projects. The safety and security of public buildings and tunnels are regularly reviewed and adapted to the latest findings. No matter where comfort is required, using state-of-the-art technologies will bring you satisfied visitors.

  • ABB’s core competence is proven by numerous complex building and tunnel projects around the world – based on ABB PLCs, HMI, motors, drives and the integrated ABB Ability™ Automation Builder engineering suite. They are a perfect match creating top class engineering productivity. 
  • In critical building applications, such as data centers, hospitals, airports or railway/metro stations, reliability of the installed automation solution is key to a safe, productive and cost-efficient operation. 
  • Prefabricated functions, libraries and the integration of ABB drives ensure stable working conditions in all aspects. Due to the expandability, scalability and flexibility of ABB‘s product range your investment is always prepared for any future requirements, upgrades or trends.
  • The experience and comfort of a building is just there, before anyone will even notice, the smart buildings have acted to avoid any discomfort. To create smart buildings, AC500 can either be the central processing unit for the complete building or the link between the Building Automation Management System and the central, floor or room level functions.

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