In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape the demand for precision, uptime, safety and efficiency has never been greater for machines in use. When designing, engineering, and commissioning machines smart to work with partners who have deep understanding of the machine design process and the requirements that industries place on the application.

At ABB, we offer this and more. We have translated our legacy of decades of domain expertise, innovations and industry knowledge into our cutting-edge portfolio of solutions for machine builders. From a wide portfolio of fit for purpose variable speed drives and PLCs, to our relentless support and service offered close to the machine building process.

Embark on a journey with us, where expertise meets innovation. Discover more and elevate your machine building experience to new heights together with us.

Optimal performance and efficiency

Our perfectly matching portfolio and domain expertise towards machine builder needs with the most comprehensive range of AC drives, PLCs, motors, and solutions ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

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