Drives and PLCs for oil and gas

Safety, reliability and uptime 

We know that safety and reliability are critical for your business, and we work hard so that we can provide these to our customers every day. This is why we have integrated several safety functions into our drives. We have also integrated reliability into our services, our products, and our business relationships.

The business environment in the oil and gas sector has changed with the decreasing of the operational margins. The are many reasons for this, increased efficiency in vehicles and power plants using fossil fuels, increased use of alternative energy sources, increased reserves such as shale oil and increased number of players in the market. This means that production costs are being optimized to ensure healthy margins in order to secure the future development of the business.

One good option for you is to reduce your operational expenditure by reducing electricity used in your production. There are many applications in oil and gas industry that use electrical motors. Our drives and PLCs can help you operate your motors more efficiently and reliably. The portfolio includes a wide range of low voltage variable speed drives, medium voltage AC drives, motors, scalable PLCs and a selection of HMIs.

To give you a complete 24/7 confidence, our global ABB service and support has developed a drive care program which contains technical support, preventive care, complete care, and fast response which can be tailored to your needs.

Safety. Productivity. Efficiency. Reliability. Service. Everything counts on the bottom line.


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