Need to increase energy efficiency?

Learn how our drives technology can help you do that.

Nearly 70 percent of all electrical energy in industry is used to power motors. They enable applications to run in an industry process, such as pumps moving liquids, or fans moving air. Lowering CO₂ emissions and increasing energy efficiency is critical for our planet, but also for ensuring stable and productive industry operations.

To help you do that we have in ABB developed a wide portfolio of fit-for-purpose low and medium voltage AC and DC variable speed drives. They control the speed and torque of motors that could increase energy efficiency up to 80%. By adding a drive to a motor you will not only ensure accurate industry application operations that reduces stress on your machine and your system, but you will also be able to optimize the speed of your machine that will lower energy your consumption whenever you need it.

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Why adding a drive matters


It is estimated that 23% of the world’s industrial motors are equipped with a drive


That figure is expected  to only increase to 26% over the next five years


While not every motor can use a drive, experts suggest that roughly 50% of industrial motors would benefit from being paired with one


When added to the existing motor of a pump, fan or compressor, a drive can typically reduce power consumption by 25%

Energy efficiency pays back

Majority of life cycle costs for motors and drives consists of used energy.

The additional purchase price of ABB high efficiency motor and variable speed drive is just a few percent compared to the energy spent to run the equipment over its entire lifetime. Energy savings with variable speed drives and high efficiency motors typically pay for themselves in 1-3 years. In some cases return on investment (ROI) of VSDs can come within months.

We have great saving potential of the life cycle energy consumption!

Main elements of life cycle costs for a mechanically controlled pumping system

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Join the Energy Efficiency Movement

Energy efficiency is not an if, it's a must. It is a simple and impactful solution to mitigate climate change. It's the low-hanging fruit we need to bridge our path to a future where all energy is clean energy.

The Energy Efficiency Movement brings together all stakeholders to innovate and act for a more energy efficient, regenerative, adaptive world. Together, we can make a real difference if that’s how we decide to use our power.

Better performance. Less energy.

Ants can build hills. Cheetahs can accelerate as fast as sports cars. People can reach for the stars. All it takes is the right amount of energy at the right time, which means using energy efficiently as well as saving it when you don’t need it.

As the world transitions to greater reliance on electricity, the opportunity is to apply the right amount of energy at the right time. ABB drives together with electrical motors could deliver such efficiencies of energy use up to 80%.


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