Drives for artificial lift

Produce more with less energy

Predicting changes occurring in the oil well conditions can be difficult in an artificial lift operation. As the reservoir in the well is depleting, the characteristics also change. You may need to run your pump faster to compensate the increased water content. Or you may need to run slower due to reduced filling of the well. Our ACS880 variable frequency drives (VFD) monitor and accurately control the pump motor speed according to the changing well conditions for optimized production.

Selecting the right equipment for the purpose is critical for uptime, productivity, energy efficiency, and eventually operational cost and lifetime investment cost of the pumping system. The ACS880 drives are designed to minimize costly downtime and lost production caused by premature failures and unscheduled maintenance breaks. The dedicated smart control software for PCPs, ESPs and rod pumps can be tuned accurately to ensure maximized oil production while minimizing energy consumption.

The safety and reliability of a fully-controlled oil pumping operation relies largely on drives and their operation, which is why our extensive portfolio of drives and motors for the oil industry is supported by an extensive global service network.

Productivity. Efficiency. Reliability. Everything counts on the bottom line.

Key benefits of our offering

  • Maximized production and uptime
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Longer pump lifetime

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