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Rod pump control with the ACS880 drives

ACS880 drive’s built-in rod pump control software optimizes pump operation to minimize wear and tear of the pump and to maximize oil production. This is achieved with automatic tuning of the pumping speed depending on the oil level so that the bottom hole pressure is kept constant, resulting in an increased inflow to the pump from the well. By automatically maintaining a constant bottom hole pressure the need to stop the pump is minimized.

The rod pump control program has shown the potential to increase oil inflow by 55% and reduce the pump’s energy consumption by 31%. These figures were derived from actual customer site data including 9 oil wells.

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Key benefits

Increasing production more than 20%

  • Increased production from maintaining a constant low fluid level with greater inflow from the formation.
  • Increased pump efficiency.

Longer pump lifetime and minimized downtime

  • Up to 20% reduction of maximum rod load.
  • 10-15% reduction of load span.
  • Reduction of number of across the line starts and stops per year by 100%.
  • The drive protects the pumping unit for high or low pressure, rod string flotation, over temperature, minimum and maximum rod tension or pump torque.

Reducing energy consumption by 20-30% per produced barrel

  • Increased pump efficiency reduces energy consumption.
  • Reduction of demand power charges with no across the line starts.
  • Even more savings with changing from high slip motors to high efficiency motors.
  • Regenerative variants available.

Fast return on investment

  • The payback time of the ACS880 rod pump drive can be as short as 2-3 months on wells with fixed pumping speed. In other cases a typical payback time is 6-9 months.
  • Total benefits will vary depending on well characteristics and efficiency of existing control equipment.
  • Wells with high production potential, varying conditions and maintenance issues will have shorter payback time than low producing and stable wells.

Works with or without feedback from sensors

ACS880 rod pump drive can be used without any feedback from sensors. However the use of a device indicating rod position (e.g. a proximity switch) is recommended. When needed, the drive’s built-in functions accept feedback from various measurement signals. These signals can for instance be tension measurement from a polished rod, an inclinometer signal of the rod position, or temperature measurement from pump intake or discharge.

Advanced control features packed into compact unit

  • Variety of control options to optimize production while protecting the pump mechanics and maintaining sufficient fluid level in the well.
  • The drive calculates peak torque value of the upstroke and downstroke movements to achieve data that can help balance counterweight.
  • Pump specific indentification run for optimized production.
  • Suitable with various types of motors including induction and permanent magnet motors.
  • Robust design with suitability to harsh environments and remote locations.
  • Ultra-low harmonics variants available.

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