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Progressing cavity pump control with the ACS880 drives

ACS880 drives include a built-in control software that is designed specifically for progressing cavity pumps (PCP). This control software provides several features such as backspin control, pressure protection, level control and acceleration ramps that improve your production and help protect your pumping system.

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Key benefits

Backspin control helps protect the pump and people

For PCP systems, protection against backspin is important to safeguard both equipment and people. This can be done via the drive so that, when a ‘stop’ command is given, the VSD will continue to control the pump until the rotating force created by the hydrostatic pressure of the oil is below a safe level.

Instrumentation-free speed and torque control

ACS880 drives use direct torque control (DTC) function when controlling progressing cavity pumps. This means that no additional devices are needed for torque control purposes. The drive can be set to automatically reduce speed of the pump in high and low torque situations. Moreover, the control software includes a user-defined speed-torque curve which acts as a reference for shutting down the system in underload situations. These functions protect the pump system and reduce energy consumption.

Pump overheating protection

Thermal protection function supervises the pump temperature based on a temperature signal from an external sensor and starts the shutdown procedure after the set level is reached.

Overpressure protection eliminates the need for manual restarts

Pressure protection function protects the pump from high pressure or high discharge pressure. When pump is shut down due to high pressure, it can be set to restart automatically after pressure level is back within operation limits. This eliminates the need of manual restart, saving time and raising your production rates.

Optimized fluid level and production rate

Fluid level control function uses input from a built-in PI controller to keep optimal fluid level in the oil well. Speed of the pump is adjusted according to the actual fluid level, based on data from pressure or fluid level sensor. This helps keep production rate at an optimum level during pumping.

The control software also has a sleep-function which will shut down the pump if fluid level goes below set level and starts it again after the fluid level is within set limits. With an unstable oil well the sleep-function can generate significant energy savings.

Application-specific acceleration ramps provide low-stress, smooth starting

In addition to linear and s-shape acceleration ramps, you can set the pump to accelerate in two stages. After first linear acceleration, pump waits at a set speed before ramping up to final reference speed. For example, the first part of the ramp might be set to slower acceleration in order to protect the equipment. The control software has also a jogging function which can be used for maintenance and position purposes.

System supervision

The control software can supervise and control a variety of pump conditions based on signals received from instrumentation in the PCP system.

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