Drives and motors for pumps

Accurate flow control

The output in oil and gas industry varies in compounds, density, volume flow rates, and pressure levels. Due to these varying operating conditions your pumps may not be operated at best efficiency area. In addition, they are very commonly oversized in the design to ensure good performance in all process conditions. This means that pumps very often run at less that nominal power thus providing great saving opportunity by using variable speed drives.

Our low and medium voltage AC drives provide accurate speed control of pump motors, making it possible to reach the optimal pumping efficiency point. In addition, variable frequency drives eliminate the need for valves to control the flow. By selecting synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor-drive package you can get the most energy efficient drive package for your pump. This brings substantial savings in the energy consumption.

Our offering for pumps include low voltage variable speed drives, medium voltage variable speed drives, motors, PLCs, HMIs and service for motors and drives.


  • Accurate speed control of the pump motor
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Reduce mechanical stress with soft start and stop
  • Avoid mechanical resonances

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