Drives for power production

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Dependable control

Large motors are running at the heart of any power generation process. Operating them at variable speed significantly increases process efficiency and improves control of power production. Our portfolio of medium voltage drives is the ideal choice for providing dependable motor control.

Starting large motors direct across the line results in a significantly high starting current. When using variable speed drives, this startup is fully controlled and smooth, preventing an excessive voltage drop in the power plant’s supply network. Additionally, mechanical stress on the motor and driven equipment is reduced. Thanks to the power loss ride-through functionality, disturbing effects due to network interruptions are completely eliminated, ensuring reliable operation.

When you control your motors with ABB drives, you benefit from an increased heat rate and net power output of your power plant, alongside reduced emissions and less maintenance costs.

Efficiency. Control. Improved productivity. Everything counts. 


  • Improved process efficiency and control performance
  • Soft starting of large pumps and fans without drops in supply voltage
  • Reduced stress on electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Smooth transient supply loss ride-through 

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