MEGADRIVE-LCI for starting synchronous condensers

A Load Commutater Inverter (LCI) allows you to start your synchronous condenser in a safe, reliable and controlled manner. Our MEGADRIVE-LCI is designed for the control of large synchronous motors, for the soft start of large synchronous machines or as a gas turbine starter for large synchronous generatos.
Wherever the rotating condensers are installed, our global service and support is always near.

You want network disturbances to be limited and avoid any high current caused by direct-online start of your synchronous condenser. High currents, typical of a direct-online start, are absent in variable speed drive starting.
Our MEGADRIVE-LCI can catch, reaccelerate or brake a disconnected synchronous condenser. A very low maintenance effort is required as the power electronics do not age. The drive is air-cooled and is designed for the continuous operation of one or more machines. For maximum safety, the MEGADRIVE-LCI is Internal Arc Classified (IAC) in accordance with IEC 62477-2. The physical location of the drive is flexible and independent of the mechanical system.

The MEGADRIVE-LCI provides maximum simplicity by synchronizing the rotating condenser during coast down. The LCI accelerates the condenser to approximately 105% speed before disconnecting. The circuit breaker of the condenser closes during natural deceleration after the synchronization conditions have been reached.

Safety. Reliability. Performance. Everything counts when your business relies on availability.

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