Drives for compressors and blowers

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Compressors play an important role, from powering pneumatic tools on a production line to cooling and refrigeration. Using our drives can help you not only reduce maintenance needs, but also help you save energy. Our variable frequency drives with direct torque control (DTC) quickly react to discharge pressure differences, have the torque control needed to keep the pressure stable, from high-torque demands at startup to continual use.    

Our drives help you save energy during consumption at partial loads. The drives will vary the compressor motor’s speed to correspond to the current demand. They also react quickly to demands so you don’t have to keep higher discharge pressures in reserve to compensate. And the ABB global service and support network ensures that no matter where your compressors are operating.  

Smooth startup. High torque control. Energy savings. Everything counts when you are looking for ways to run compressors more efficiently. 

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