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Simplify your power supply system  and your life without limiting your flexibility

ABB’s unique technology options, engineering support, track record, and service offering can help you build electrolysis systems that meet all of your customers’ needs. With cost-effective, scalable, and reliable power solutions, we can effectively address the key challenges in green hydrogen production and work together to co-create the best solution.


Product offering


DCS880  and ACS880 cabinet converters are configured to order. This ensures that the customer’s and application’s demands are taken as the basis for our design, and even complex requirements can be included to create a unique solution. Our dedicated team takes care to ensure the maximum performance, uptime, and quality in daily processes.


DCS880 in electrolysis application with reliably thyristor-based power supply for precise current and voltage control of electrolysis processes. Offering a wide range of configurations, 12-pulse, 24-pulse, serial, and parallel up to 20 kADC and 1500 VDC.


ACS880 rectifier deliver uncompromised productivity for hydrogen production. Our drive is compatible with all of your processes, automation systems, users and business requirements. ACS880 rectifier architecture simplifies operation, optimizes energy efficiency and helps maximize process output.

Modular induction motors

ABB’s high voltage modular induction motors provide high efficiency, reliability and availability in the toughest and most demanding applications.

Built on the most successful modular motor platform, they comply with all relevant international standards, are optimized for variable speed control and undergo rigorous testing at every stage of production.

Synchronous motors

Designed to provide extremely high reliability and energy efficiency, ABB’s synchronous motors and generators help cut operating, maintenance and energy costs while lowering environmental impact.

They are optimized for extruders, compressors and expanders. Both slow and high-speed motors are available. The motors are connected direct-on-line or fed via variable speed drives.

Flameproof motors

ABB’s Low voltage flameproof motors offer great performance, reliability and safety for applications in explosive atmospheres. With an efficiency rating up to IE4, the design withstands the pressure caused by an internal explosion without incurring any damage, preventing flame propagation outside of the enclosure. By meeting all relevant international standards and specification, Low voltage flameproof motors operate reliably in harsh environments withstanding hazards such as extreme temperatures, corrosive dust or humidity.

Increased safety motors

Increased safety motors are designed to meet the needs where protection against the risk of dust or gas explosions is required. Available in IE2 and IE3, and ccompliant with all major standards and IECEx and ATEX certifications, the design can be customized to fit customer needs offering robust and reliable performance with maximized uptime.

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