Low voltage flameproof motors

Industry-leading flameproof motors for extreme working environments

ABB low voltage flameproof motors are a safe choice for potentially explosive atmospheres. Our flameproof motors are designed to withstand the pressure caused by an internal explosion without incurring any damage as well as prevent flame propagation outside of the enclosure.

Flameproof motors are based on reliable designs and provide high productivity in demanding conditions. Our flameproof motors combine the benefits of safety, high efficiency and sustainability. They are designed to operate reliably in harsh environments such as in extreme temperatures, corrosive dust and humidity.

Our flameproof motors are certified for gas groups IIB and IIC and meet all relevant international standards, including IEC, European (EN) and ATEX and the most important specifications for the oil, gas and chemical industries.

  • Certified ATEX and IECEx compliant motors
  • Designed specifically for explosive atmospheres
  • Assurance of safety without compromising efficiency
  • Wide range catering to diverse industry needs
  • Ex db with both flameproof cast iron frame and terminal box
  • Ex db eb with flameproof cast iron frame and increased safety terminal box
  • Certified for gas groups IIB and IIC
  • Temperature class T4, optional T5, T6

ABB LV motors for explosive atmospheres. Robust, reliable, safe

Key benefits

  • Robust and Durable: Our flameproof motors are built to withstand harsh environments and keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Certified Safety: With ATEX and IECEx certifications, ensure unparalleled safety for your team and facilities.
  • High Efficiency: Even in extreme conditions, our motors deliver high efficiency, contributing to increased productivity and cost savings.
  • Tailored Solutions: We provide customized motor solutions to perfectly fit your specific industry requirements.

Product offering

Low voltage Flameproof  motors
Variables Flameproof motors & Flameproof motors for underground mining
0.18–950 kW 
Frame size IEC 80 to 450
Type M3JP, M3KP , M3JM (for underground mining)
Marking  Ex db IIB or C T4 Gb, Ex db I Mb
Efficiency class IE2, IE3, IE4
230-690V 50/60Hz
Supply Direct on-line and VSD
Mounting  B3, B5, B14, B34, B35 
Ambient temperature  -55°C - +60°C 
Cooling  IC411 as standard
IP55 (optionally IP56, IP65 and IP66)
Certification IECEx and ATEX certified range, wide range of local certificates available

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