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ABB drive solutions for stacker cranes

Operators in warehouses face constant pressure to work faster and more efficiently. To reduce material handling times and operational costs the machinery in use needs to work reliably while meeting the tightest turnaround times with the smoothest, uninterrupted operation for automated storage and retrieval systems.

A quicker, more accurate, and safer intralogistics system will elevate your business to a higher level. ABBs variable speed drives (VSD) / variable frequency drives (VFD) and PLC’s provide intelligent, high-performing, flexible, and safe solutions for your intralogistics applications whether the load is light or heavy.  Dedicated built-in features in our drives not just benefit reliable and safe operations, but also help lower your operating costs. ABBs global service and support are always nearby wherever the logistics automation system is installed.

Typical examples of application supported by ABB drives include:
- Stacker cranes: Hoist, Travel, Fork, Turn table
- Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV)
- Lift
- Overhead cranes
- Vertical, advance conveyors

ACS880 industrial drives offer ABBs built-in position control program, anti-pendulum function and the optional safety functions module to elevate your stacker crane to move smoothly and safely.

ACS880 wall-mounted regenerative drives are our most compact solution in the market to save your operation cost by sending up to 100% generated power to the network. It also saves your system cost by low harmonic content.

ACS380 machinery drives offer basic crane features built-in. It is a perfect choice for lifts, RGVs and conveyors.

Your own intralogistics systems can be developed with ABB built-in IEC programming possibilities. Broader and more complex solutions can be developed with our AC500 PLCs. Our AC500-S Safety PLC offers a more extensive safety design and Condition Monitoring System (CMS) for monitoring mechanical sensors can also be easily implemented.

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