ACS880 position control

Power and motion for any axis

Wide power range and various drive variants make the ACS880 position control ideal for any axis. Motion functions are based on PLCopen motion control blocks and can be easily configured by parameters. Programming flexibility and connectivity to all motors and PLCs ensure optimized solutions for countless applications, such as stacker cranes, metal presses, rotary tables and cutting systems.

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Implement the whole production line with ACS880 

The same product family can be used across the whole production line regardless of whether there is a need for positioning or speed or torque control. This means less training, tools and spare parts are required.

The versatile ACS880 offering includes

  • power range from 0.55 to 6000 kW (200 to 690 V)
  • modules and ready-made cabinets
  • single and multidrive solutions
  • enclosures for different installations, IP00 to IP55
  • air- or liquid-cooled variants
  • flange mounting for harsh environment installations

All ACS880's share common tools, options and user interfaces.


Embedded positioning functions

Embedding position control inside the drive

  • allows to meet motion system demands without an external controller
  • minimizes machine engineering and installation work
  • lowers costs and reduces installation footprint

Fast control and synchronized communication

There is no need for real-time communication with higher level automation system because

  • synchronized drive-to-drive link enables high speed communication between drives
  • feedback is connected directly to drive (not to PLC or motion controller which might cause a delay)

Optimized construction and features

Wall-mounted ACS880's enable enclosure-free installation with up to IP55 protection for dusty and wet environments resulting in

  • less engineering and installation work
  • reduced component cost
  • minimized installation footprint

Possibility of encoderless, open loop positioning enables

  • lower component and cabling cost
  • higher reliability

Save time with ready-made motion functions

Ready-made motion functions are available through
a simple parameter interface. For basic positioning
only parameter set-up is needed, so there is

  • no need for programming
  • less risk for programming errors

The pre-tested functions offer a proven and
reliable solution with less need for verifications.

Fast drive replacement with removable memory unit

The plug-in memory unit stores the drive software
and all user settings. It can be switched from one
drive to another and it

  • allows rapid drive replacement without parameter settings or other adjustments in the drive or PLC
  • eliminates the risk of software incompatibility
  • enables easy software updates

Full programmability

The ready-made motion functions can be modified and extended with standardized, well-known IEC61131 programming using PLCopen motion blocks:

  • No need to learn a new programming environment
  • Offers a possibility for fully customized solutions

For small adjustments simple block programming is available via the same PC tool which is used for drive commissioning.

Connectivity to all processes

ACS880 supports all types of rotary AC motors, various feedback devices and all major communication protocols, including real-time EtherCAT and PROFIsafe for functional safety.



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