Drives, motors and PLCs for decanters

Decant with reliability and precision

When you separate your liquids from solids, whether producing juice, wine, beer or edible oil, our
extensive portfolio of drives, motors and automation products are the perfect solution for your decanter. When you separate your liquids from solids you want precision, reliability and absolute safety. Flexible safety options, direct torque control and easy integration into automation networks ensure you find the right solution. And all of this is backed by our global service and support network. 
Torque control, energy savings, accuracy. Everything counts to keep your decanter's running smoothly and efficiently. 


  • Improve the speed difference control between the bowl and the screw with decanter control program of a drive
  • The drive‘s Direct torque control (DTC) ensures accurate decanter control,  from high starting torque across the whole speed range
  • Capture and reuse screw braking energy with a common DC application for improved energy savings
  • When the recipe needs more complex control, our PLCs and operator panels along with Automation Builder software allow you to develop any range of control needed
  • Safe torque off and safety options give you flexibility to improve your machine safety
  • No matter where your decanters are installed or used, our wide channel partner network and global service is always local.  


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