Drives and PLCs for cranes and hoists

Efficient and safe material handling

Your crane business thrives on moving workloads quickly and safely. Our variable frequency drives (VFD) and PLCs provide the intelligence, performance, flexibility and safety for your crane applications. Wherever the cranes are installed, our global service and support is always near.

ACS880 drives with built-in crane control software and range of safety functions help various types of cranes move efficiently. Our ACS380 drives are an excellent choice for standalone cranes.

Your own solutions from small to complex crane applications can be developed with our AC500 range of PLCs. Area safeguards and anti-collision can be programmed with the trigonometric functions of AC500-S safety PLCs.

Safety. Performance. Efficiency. Speed. Everything counts when your business relies on efficient material handling.

Crane types served

  • Overhead cranes
  • Tower cranes
  • Grab cranes
  • Process cranes, including paper, metal and waste handling
  • Ship-to-shore (STS) container handling cranes
  • Rubber tyre gantry (RTG) cranes
  • Marine and offshore deck cranes
  • Stacker cranes
  • Hoists
  • Construction elevators

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