Crane safety solutions

This page deals with our drive and PLC based safety solutions for cranes helping to keep people and property safe. Implementing a proper level of crane safety is often considered as a complicated task. Recently the new electronic safety technologies have helped to simplify the process by replacing the use of traditional safety systems involving hard-wired logic add-ons like relays and contactors. Our drives and safety PLCs integrate to your cranes' automation system using PROFIsafe connectivity and the certified crane safety functions can be built directly into the drives and safety PLCs saving your effort and money.

ABB's functional safety design tool (FSDT-01) helps in calculating, verifying and documenting the required, designed, and achieved crane safety integrity level (SIL) or performance level (PL) using a very logical stepwise procedure. The safe torque off (STO) safety function comes integrated in many ABB drives. Using an optional safety functions module, additional safety functions can be integrated into the all-compatible ACS880 industrial drives. The ACS880 is also easy to connect to a AC500-S safety PLC via PROFIsafe over Profinet. This makes it possible to build a larger safety system where the safety PLC controls several drives of several cranes.

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