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The Automation Builder platform

Engineering productivity

Automation Builder is ABB's integrated programming, simulation, commissioning and maintenance environment for PLCs, safety, drives, motion and control panels.

One tool for all devices

Automation Builder is used for all of our AC500 PLCs and CP600 control panels, no matter if you have purchased the cost-efficient, high-end or safety versions.

Free license option

ABB offers three different licenses, starting with the Basic license which is free of charge, and scaling up to the Standard and Premium licenses for more functionality and efficiency.

Device integration and programming

  • Configure and program all devices of automation solutions in one single project – including third-party devices and drives.
  • All five IEC61131 programming languages give engineers full flexibility and allow to start programming straight away.
  • State-of-the-art software development features like object-oriented programming boost your efficiency to the maximum.
  • The integrated version control system supports scenarios like multi-user engineering or product line management.

Simulation and commissioning

  • Before any hardware is involved, enter the simulation mode in Automation Builder to verify your function blocks, remove bugs and pave the way for smooth commissioning.
  • On-site, scan for the connected field devices. Utilize a fieldbus-specific diagnosis which will show you the performance of the fieldbuses and status of the field devices.
  • In addition, the Automation Builder debugging tool will help you to swiftly find remaining programming errors.


  • Via Automation Builder, you can connect to the devices from any location – this way, remote device support or remote maintenance can easily be implemented without any compromises.
  • Automation Builder offers comprehensive diagnosis, ranging from a traffic-light view on devices and subsystems to detailed information on an issue’s type and source.
  • The diagnosis information is accessible not only via Automation Builder, but also via the AC500 display, the PLC application or control panels.

Key benefits of Automation Builder

Stay in control

  • Build comprehensive solutions with integrated engineering that add value to your business: Automation Builder integrates engineering tools for PLCs, safety, drives, motion and control panels.
  • All of these tools are installed via a single software installer and updated with just a few mouse clicks.
  • One common intuitive interface for configuring, programming, debugging and maintaining automation projects.
  • Whether on-site or remotely, Automation Builder allows you to gain real-time insights into the status of your application with state-of-the-art connectivity technology.

Reduce security risks

  • Our devices are secure and Automation Builder allows you to configure the security level required for your application.
  • With Automation Builder’s user management, granular assignment of access rights allows you to precisely control who is allowed to do what.
  • Use encrypted communication between the engineering software and the devices to prevent remote communication from being compromised.
  • Manage the certificates on the devices in Automation Builder for all required purposes (e.g. log-in, boot application or protocols) in order to comply with your organization’s security policies.

Increase engineering efficiency

  • Create your own function blocks for your automation solution or download fitting function blocks from Codesys/PLCopen repositories.
  • Take advantage of easy-to-use libraries e.g. for wind, water, solar, drives, motion, safety and building automation applications.
  • Save time by simulating your function blocks before connecting any hardware.
  • Data that is available from third-party tools can be imported or synchronized.
  • Configurations that have been created for the PLC can automatically be re-used e.g. for the configuration of drives or control panels.
  • Project scripting allows you to automate the creation of your configuration or application.

Automation Builder libraries and software packages

A good investment for system integrators and end-users, Automation Builder libraries and software improve stability while reducing maintenance and service costs. Library and software packages contain functions or protocols and easy-to-use examples for minimal programming effort and quick implementation of complex and demanding applications. They deliver the seamless integration of PLCs, drives and HMI – this way you can build and commission automation solutions quickly and easily. When installing Automation Builder, simply activate the libraries and software packages you need in the installer and start working with them right away!

License models

We offer three different license models which allow you to purchase the software package best fitted to your needs. The basic license is for free and enables you to test Automation Builder thoroughly so that your engineers can convince themselves of its great usability. The standard and premium licenses allow you to automate your application using the full feature range.

Want to know more?

Get all the details about Automation Builder’s features in our manuals and our online documentation:

Get support

Make use of our online Application Examples Selector where you will find application examples and application notes that can be filtered according to search criteria. The application examples are downloadable files that contain specific programming descriptions for different communication protocols and automation components, and they include a project. The application notes contain general descriptions about how our products can be used in different applications.

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