Automation Builder platform

The Automation Builder platform allows common data storage and usage of common functionality by the integrated software tools as well as management of the software installation and updates, and is the integration core of the Automation Builder software suite. 

The new level of engineering productivity introduced by Automation Builder addresses major emerging challenges in the industrial automation field

  • such as the trend to improve performance with more dynamic and complex control algorithms, 
  • the fast developing trend to incorporate much more sophisticated safety mechanisms,
  • the demand for much larger factory-scale automation networks. 

Productivity means doing more with less. The integrated nature of our tools working seamlessly together allows you to flexibly manage software complexity while keeping full control over your project.     

  • Once up and running and when creating a new project, you have the possibility to establish user profiles and corresponding access rights to help you with managing the project and assigning user roles.
  • At any time, a project archive can be created that allows you to store all your work in a single archive, and to re-store it on the same or on a different PC.
  • Speed up your project by the powerful ECAD and MS EXCEL interface capabilities.
  • Enjoy multi-user engineering by the integration with subversion.
  • The integrated Drive Manager allows you to remotely configure and monitor your ABB drives through the PLC. 
  • From the platform’s integrated object browser, it is possible to access and configure devices and interfaces. This includes ABB´s standard PLCs, control panels, drives and safety PLCs.
  • Repeating tasks can be automated by scripting.
  • The maintenance manager supports you in changing and updating your Automation Builder installation.
  • The license management allows to add or remove software licenses for maximum flexibility in using your software licenses.

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