AC500 license features

For AC500 there is an increasing number of features or protocols available that can be used by obtaining additional licenses:

  • High availability (HA) runtime license: Adds high availability system functionality for redundant hot standby over Ethernet field network via Modbus TCP. Suitable for AC500 V2 and AC500 V3 PLCs.

  • IEC 61850 MMS server and GOOSE communication runtime license: Engineering tool and library for 61850 Ed.1 MMS Server and GOOSE publish and subscribe functionalities. The license enables the AC500 V3 PLC to connect to substation type equipment (IEDs) or act as IED.

  • KNX IP communication runtime license: Engineering and protocol package which seamlessly integrates ETS and Automation Builder. The license enables the AC500 V3 PLC to connect to KNX IP.    

  • BACnet-BC communication run-time license: Engineering, protocol and library package with examples. The license enables the AC500 V3 PLC to connect to BACnet networks as server and client via IP (Ethernet) and MS/TP (serial) connections. The solution also supports routing, various objects and services - even beyond the certified B-BC device profile.

  • The Motion Control (MC) library for AC500 V3 and AC500-eCo V3 PLCs: follows the PLCopen standard and supports efficient motion programming for synchronized axis and mode changes. Especially useful for performant applications with EtherCAT via CM579 on AC500 V3 or on AC500-eCo V3 with PTO and/or PWM outputs.   

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