AC500 libraries

As separate solution-oriented packages, AC500 libraries provide additional functionality in form of solution-oriented libraries to complement the standard libraries. They are delivered by the Automation Builder installer.

  • These solution-specific libraries help to shorten development and maintenance time for AC500 programs significantly.
  • They contain a dedicated functionality for specific application solutions and easy-to-use examples, also enabling the quick implementation of complex and demanding applications with minimal programming effort.
  • The libraries especially focus on the easy integration of drives, HMI and supervisory systems for a wide range of applications, enabling your automation solution to be built and commissioned quickly.
  • AC500 solution libraries are maintained to ensure that your programs can also be used with less risk.


  • Easy and fast start-up of complex AC500 applications.
  • More configuration options, less programming time for your applications.
  • Standardized and tested for use on the AC500 PLC platform.
  • Interfaces to other AC500 libraries in a seamless way.
  • Detailed online help as for the standard libraries.
  • Examples including documentation explaining in a step-by-step approach how to start up fast.
  • Configuration or project files for other devices used in the examples such as drives or HMI.
  • Integrated web visualizations per block and example application.

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