AC500 PLCs with integrated motion control technology

Convenient motion control functionalities - completely based on open standards like Codesys and PLCopen libraries. The  fully integrated environment enables seamless automation and efficient engineering of motion controllers based on the scalable AC500 PLC platform which is essential for the extensive small and medium sized machinery market.
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Machinery market applications


Cut to length

Laser processing




Pick and place


Easy and efficient engineering wizard

The new motion solution wizard for axis configuration saves up to 90% of engineering effort compared to conventional programming and is complemented by a cam editor for generating smooth motion control relations between axis and cam switches, scaling from single to coordinated multi-axis motion control.

Standard PLCopen function blocks support drives, communication networks and control tasks

A wide range of standardized, intuitive and pretested PLCopen motion control function blocks simplify engineering of the most demanding movement and control tasks. Support for virtual and simulated encoder axes, interpolation options for optimal motion control paths and defined jerk in fast control loops enabling the lowest possible wear and tear. Advanced testing modes - not yet existing axes or drives can be switched to simulation or made inactive in configuration.

One platform for motion control applications

The AC500 CPUs offer the benefit of customized yet uniform scaling with one look and feel from simple PTO or PWM to real-time synchronized EtherCAT based motion control.

The package of AC500 PLCs, configuration wizard, engineering on Codesys based IEC61131-3 software and PLCopen based motion control function block library simplifies handling and saves time.

One-click axis engineering

Intuitive, user-friendly wizard supports efficient motion axis setup. Step-by-step configuration simplifies development of high-end motion control applications.  

It is all about engineering efficiency 

The one-for-all solution combines the best of two approaches for effortless engineering. This future-proof approach ensures the machine maintainability, production flexibility, quality and durability by adaptable, expandable and gentle movements.

Full insight to fine-tune

The engineering tool Automation Builder includes comprehensive tools to edit cam and trace or even visualize the exact and precise movement of virtual, simulated or real axes together with other variables or I/O signals. The graphical interfaces simplify fine-tuning and show the dynamics of combined movements required in order to operate, improve or diagnose machine operation.

AC500 provides performance for all levels

The powerful AC500 CPUs provide a scalable and matching set of functionalities for various machine complexities, starting from drive based motion to central based motion control with PTO (Puls Train Output) or real-time EtherCAT fieldbus communication. With its large libraries the AC500 can manage synchronized small or complex motion control applications with a few or many synchronized motion axes in milliseconds.

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PTO based motion control with PLCopen functions, up to 4 axes
  • Supports virtual axis, encoder axis and axis configuration
  • Supports electronic cam, electronic gearing and advanced functions
  • Up to 200 kHz PTO output
Powerful real-time EtherCAT motion control with PLCopen functions
  • For larger axis counts
  • More fieldbus interfaces
  • More memory and performance for powerful visualizations
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PLC type used:
AC500-eCo V3, AC500 V3







Min task cycle settable in ms 5 2 1 1 1 0.5
ETH ports 1 1 2 2 2 2
Option slots 2 3 3
PTO axis (200kHz) 4 4 4
EtherCAT axis: configuration limits - performance indication: axis/ms
2 8 16
Number of synchronized axis
in 1 ms - 8 16
in 2 ms 4 16 32
in 4 ms 8 32 64
Min. EtherCAT master cycle time usable in ms (*only 2 axis at 0.5 ms) 2 1 0.5

What architecture is your next motion control solution built on?

Simple motion control (PTO)

  • Point-to-point positioning based on one PTO and one stepper motor.
  • Typical for simple motion control is one motion axis doing a linear movement with precision and speed.
  • Typical use case is independent positioning and moving from point A to point B and applications as conveyer control.

Multi-axis motion control (PTO)

  • Point-to-point positioning based on two or more PTOs and stepper motors.
  • Typical for multi-axis control are several axes moving jointly and synchronized which each other.
  • Typical use cases are positioning and moving applications as pick and place, synchronized to conveyer control.

Advanced multi-axis motion control (EtherCAT)

  • When more sophisticated movement in a simple way is required and several motion control axes must be constantly coordinated in relation to each other.
  • Typical for advanced multi-axis motion applications are interpolation of several synchronized axes with high precision and speed.
  • Use case is when guiding a knife or laser where the cutting point must follow the motion of the material.

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