ABB variable speed drives, motors and PLCs for HVACR

Comprehensive climate control, reliable HVACR operation

For your HVACR system design projects, ABB variable speed drives, motors, and PLCs can help you easily attain your safety, reliability and energy efficiency goals, ensuring greater peace of mind.

Depending on your specific operating sector – district energy, data centers, transport tunnels, buildings, or commercial refrigiration – your HVACR system can control and safeguard much more than just temperature.

For example:
  • In district heating networks, energy savings of 20 to 60% are possible, helping you meet both budget and environmental targets.
  • In transit tunnel ventilation systems, fresh air flow rates can automatically adjust for traffic loads, while safety evacuation measures in case of fire or flooding can easily be programmed in via the variable speed drives.
  • In data centers, ABB’s energy-efficient motors and ultra-low harmonic variable speed drives help cooling systems to keep data safe and energy costs down, while maintaining power quality and avoiding disturbances in the electrical network.
  • In buildings, ABB’s smart variable speed drives and motors run pumps, fans, and compressors at high efficiency even at partial loads to cut sustainability impacts. This results in the lowest costs for property owners and the highest flexibility and comfort for occupants.

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