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Discover unmatched safety with ABB's IEC low voltage smoke extraction motors

Smoke extraction motors play a critical role in keeping tunnels safe. In the event of a tunnel fire, lives depend on the ability of extraction fans – and the electric motors driving them – to disperse toxic fumes and smoke quickly and efficiently. Smoke extraction motors must be capable of withstanding the high temperatures generated in fire zones and continue to work reliably under these extreme circumstances.

In normal daily operation they are part of the comfort ventilation system which maintains tunnel air quality. Ideally the motors are controlled by variable speed drives (VSDs) to allow adjustable fan settings saving energy.

Smoke extraction motors are typically used in two types of applications - jet fans and axial fans - for both comfort ventilation and extreme cases by fire.
  • Tunnels
  • Single and multi-storey shopping malls
  • Single and multi-storey industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Stairways
  • Enclosed car parks
  • Theaters
  • Other locations to mitigate the effects of a fire

Key features

Smoke extraction motors are designed for securing safety, working reliably and efficiently in tunnels.
  • Safe - Dual purpose secures fresh air by comfort operation and in the event of fire supporting safe evacuation. ABB smoke extraction motors are compliant with fans according to EN norms.
  • Reliable - Tunnels ensure vital transport connections, demanding 100% reliability. Our motors are designed to withstand high temperatures and are available with wide range of options and solutions.
  • Efficient - High efficiency motors up to IE4 efficiency class available.

Product portfolio

Why choose ABB's IEC low voltage smoke extraction motors?

  • Certified Safety: ABB smoke extraction motors holds EN 12101-03 certification, proving their effectiveness in fire safety applications.
  • Reliability: Our smoke extraction motors operate even in extreme conditions. They are designed to withstand high temperatures that occur during fires, offering unmatched reliability when you need it most.
  • Energy Efficiency: ABB smoke extraction motor offering reaches from IE2 to IE4 efficiency classes. When controlled with VSDs, you can increase energy efficiency even more and reduce operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Long Lifespan: Our motors are not only resistant to high temperatures but are also built for longevity. ABB's high-temperature resistant motors are a smart investment that will serve your needs for years to come.
  • Global and local support: Our global service and support network ensures that we can deliver local support wherever you are located. Support is available when needed and throughout our products’ life cycle.

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