ABB Motion OneCare agreement ensures 100% uptime for Katameya Real Estate’s HVAC system

ABB Motion OneCare agreement ensures 100% uptime for Katameya Real Estate’s HVAC system

ABB's Motion Services increased the HVAC system uptime to 100%, ensuring the air conditioning supply to the Downtown Mall, one of Cairo's busiest shopping destinations, works continuously without interruptions. With no unplanned downtime and system breakdowns, Katameya Real Estate, the mall operator’s yearly running costs were reduced by almost 30%.

Over the last year, the HVAC system installed by Katameya Real estate at the Downtown shopping mall had four unscheduled downtimes, mainly because the drives were not scaled accurately for the functionality they are used for, which caused issues for the whole powertrain. When the downtimes happened, the air conditioning supply went out, causing discomfort inside the mall. The provision of air conditioning is critical, especially during Egypt's summers and the mall operator was looking for a solution that would allow the HVAC system to operate without interruption.

Maintaining reliable operations through the ABB Motion OneCare agreement

ABB Motion OneCare is a tailored service agreement that includes all the life-cycle services required to keep customers ‘equipment running smoothly and reliably. ABB Motion OneCare can cover a single service, life-cycle support of a motor, generator, or drive, digital services, or transfer of the entire maintenance responsibility to ABB’s experts – all bundled into a single agreement for easy management.

Katameya Real Estate is responsible for the mall’s operations, and it had installed 19 ABB motors with drives for the HVAC application inside the facility. To minimize the unexpected downtime, Katameya opted for ABB’s Motion OneCare agreement, which ensured 100% availability for their powertrain, including planned services, recovery services, repairs, and replacement of drives. In addition, ABB service experts ensured the drives were correctly scaled for the operation, resulting in uninterrupted functioning.

  • ABB drives for the HVAC system run by Katameya Real Estate
  • Downtown Mall in Cairo

As per the agreement, ABB took over the full responsibility for the maintenance operation with an agreed response time and corrective action time, including remote support on the same day for replacing the failing drive and 24 hours to send an engineer to the site to evaluate the failing drive.

“Thanks to the services delivered through the ABB Motion OneCare agreement, Katameya was able to increase the HVAC’s system uptime from 75% to 100%, and as a result, the customer has reduced their annual operating costs by nearly 30%, avoiding the costly unplanned downtime. Because of the excellent results obtained by ABB, the customer intends to increase the OneCare agreement scope of supply to cover more of their drives installed base,” said Adham ElHady, ABB Motion Service Sales Engineer.

ABB provides a comprehensive portfolio of conventional and data-driven services to ensure maximum performance of customers’ installed motors, generators, and drives. Some of the main benefits of the ABB Motion OneCare include long-term planning, reliable and efficient operation, fast and uncomplicated support, agility as well as services tailored to your specific needs.


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