Redefining how an office building performs

Redefining how an office building performs

The Viettel building in Hanoi, headquarters for Vietnam’s state-owned telecommunications company, is setting a benchmark for how buildings can help cities become smarter and more sustainable, largely through a host of high-tech solutions from ABB.

Smarter buildings are of vital importance to cities like Hanoi, which are densely populated and rapidly growing. The energy consumption in commercial buildings has been growing rapidly, yet within this sector there is a large potential to save energy. Using its technology ABB has helped Viettel accomplish this, saving the company up to 20 percent in energy costs while ensuring a comfortable and secure work environment.

Coupling energy efficiency with sustainable development is important to both companies. “As a Vietnamese technology leader in the country during the digital age, Viettel aimed to develop our headquarters as a symbol of innovation so the technologies we use must help us to achieve this objective, ensure operational reliability and bring the most comfort to the people working in the building,” explains Ha Quang Huy, Director of Real Estate Management of Viettel Group. “But it is also the place which affirms Viettel’s brand values of a dedicated contribution to society and of sustainable development. For this reason, we chose ABB.”

Doan Van Hien, Sales Director, Electrification Business of ABB in Vietnam adds, “ABB is proud to be a partner of Viettel Group on this innovative building project and to contribute to a greener, safer and smarter operation of their new headquarters. With ABB’s solid track record for smart buildings in Vietnam, we will continue to help investors achieve their green footprint.”

Highlights of the technology used in the innovative building include the latest smart building solutions, and energy efficient motors and HVAC drives.

ABB solutions help create  a comfortable environment in the building.
ABB solutions help create a comfortable environment in the building.

Within the visually stunning eight-story oval-shaped building, holding around 1,000 employees, control of all building operations - from lighting, heating, security and energy management - is linked together, using the minimum energy required, with the innovative ABB i-bus® KNX system. The operational flexibility of an ABB i-bus® KNX electrical installation allows working routines at Viettel’s office to be adapted easily and comfortably to the needs of the building occupants.

“All the products and solutions in the building are connected and communicate with each other through controllers using specialized, high-level communication protocols”, explains ABB’s Hoang Ha. “All information and data are uploaded to the building management system as part of the building’s digitalization, enabling Viettel to easily monitor and control the building anytime.”

ABB’s ACH580 drives are the next evolution in the speed control of electric motors used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications. With precise control, the motors within the Viettel building only use the energy required to produce the air or liquid flow, so no electricity is wasted. Meanwhile, integrated connectivity enables the drives to easily and cost-efficiently become part of the building automation systems.

Another ABB solution being used is the ABB dry transformer, which supports Viettel’s efforts to minimize environmental contamination and fire hazards for the building. Containing no oil, the transformer is more environmentally friendly and many of the integral parts are fully recyclable, which fits with the “using clean and renewable materials” motto of Viettel’s office project.

ABB continues to play a key part addressing the world’s energy challenges by providing solutions that bring energy to homes, offices, factories and transportation, making them safer, more energy efficient and more affordable every day.


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