Hot swap of S500 I/O modules

Replacing S500 I/O modules while the system is running: The hot swap terminal units TU516-H, TU532-H and TU542-H allow no-load hot swapping of S500 I/O modules during operation. 

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When replacing a S500 I/O module the other modules in the cluster continue operating

  • This capability is available for an I/O cluster with the following fieldbuses: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus TCP.
  • Hot swap terminal units can also be used in I/O configurations attached to AC500 CPU modules.
  • Hot swap terminal units can be mixed with all normal terminal units (except safety terminal units) in the same configuration, when only specific modules need to be hot swapped.
  • The hot swapping feature is also available for extreme condition variants of S500.

Permanent wiring during hot swap

  • Due to the construction of the S500 system, the wiring remains untouched during hot swap.
  • There is no need to remove terminal blocks.
  • A S500 I/O module can be removed and replaced while the other modules in the configuration continue operating.
  • As soon as a module is re-inserted, it will be configured automatically and put into operation.
  • Hot swap is needed in hybrid applications when the control system must not be switched off during the replacement of a module.

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