Distribution boards for EV charging

Every charging station requires an effective, reliable and flexible grid connection.

ABB Kabeldon have taken simplicity to the next level by standardizing an outdoor distribution board that fulfills the power and protection need for each ABB charger.

The distribution board is delivered with main switch fuse, transformer kit for CTs and mounting plate for billing meter installed from factory. All you need to do is to add your meter with CTs and add the right number of outgoing Kabeldon fuse switch disconnectors for the number of chargers to be installed.

The distribution board can be painted in your choice of color. What about a white board matching the white charger?

For special requests and custom made configurations, get in contact with us via contact information below.

For a detailed selection guide, please see this document Distribution boards for EV charging.

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Each charger has its own standardized outdoor distribution board

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