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Multi-standard DC charging station

ABB’s Terra multi-standard DC fast charging stations are the best sold 50 kW DC charging stations in Europe and North America. Supporting increasing EV battery capacities, ABB’s Terra enables continuous charging at full 50 kW at 200 – 500 V, while 200 – 920 V is supported by Terra 54HV.

ABB’s Terra 20kW DC charging station is a cost-effective multi-outlet solution and does not require a heavy grid connection. This Terra charger is therefore easy to install at many locations and can easily be installed next to any existing AC slow charging network. It charges an electric car in 30-120 minutes.

Main benefits:

  • 50 kW DC fast charger supporting CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2 AC charging (optional)
    22 or 43 kW AC cable or 22 kW AC socket.
  • Future proof connection via open industry standards, including remote uptime monitoring and assistance, updates and upgrades.
  • Designed to deliver full output power continuously, and reliably over lifetime.

Main features:

  • Charging batteries at 200 – 500 V (Terra 54), or at 200 – 920 V (Terra 54HV).
  • IEC 61000 EMC Class B certified for industrial and residential areas (including petrol stations, retail outlets, offices, etc.).
  • New sophisticated connector holders, for easier handling and more stable holding.


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