Distribution Boards

Safe and reliable electrical distribution

Kabeldon distribution boards are specifically designed for outdoor installations and they come as pre-assembled systems, ready to install. They combine the advantages of the flexible IP-system with robust and reliable distribution cabinets, and they deliver efficient use of space, quick installation and significant customer value.

Free up floor space
By placing the distribution board outside instead of inside the building, interior floor space can be reserved for valuable uses. Additionally, having the distribution board outside the building makes it  easier to access for maintenance.

Convenient and flexible
Pre-assembled Kabeldon solutions come ready for installation directly from the factory, saving time during installation and planning. By complementing the solutions with the required outgoing groups the solution also provides great flexibility.

Cost effective by design
Locating the distribution board outdoors reduces costs for the building owners because there’s no need for them to build and maintain a separate electrical room, compared to interior electrical installations.

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