ABB Ability™ Field Information Manager

Managing Fieldbus devices becomes easier

Experience our top-tier Fieldbus device management. Functional design offers a best-in-class field experience with latest field device technology, inherently built for engineering efficiency.

Your simple solution for efficient device management. Designed with user-friendly FDI technology, it helps you streamline configuration, commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of fieldbus instruments.

With the latest release of FIM 3.0.1, you will enjoy enhanced performance through a new client/server architecture, multi-user support, increased field connectivity, and robust Ethernet-APL support. Even added with OPC UA server extensions for digitalization and asset management applications.


Intuitive - Designed for best-in-class field experience

  • Intuitive multi-user interface for easy navigation and data interpretation
  • Can be used in an engineering station, in the field, back of the panel or in the maintenance workstation
  • Quick to start - installs on windows servers, workstations and tablets, access to devices within 3 minutes
  • Connects to Online drivers' repository - eliminates the trial & error search of device drivers

Efficient - Built to boost your engineering efficiency

  • Zero configuration topology with scanning, auto detect and assignment of device packages to field devices
  • Compare instrument configuration to various sources of project data for early detection and correction of errors
  • Individual bulk parameterization and device management configuration of smart field devices
  • Effective execution of device management tasks with multiple users working in parallel
  • Automated, hands free, multi-point smart sensor loop checks, testing and enablement
  • Autogenerated documentation for reporting and/or transfer to 3rd party engineering systems

Futureproof - Supporting latest field device technology

  • Leverages FDI technology, which combines the simplicity of EDD and information richness of DIM
  • Supports both legacy DDs and new FDI packages; one tool for existing and new devices
  • Supports a wide range of field protocols such as PROFINET, ASi-5, Ethernet APL, HART-IP, Wireless HART and Profibus
  • PA profile 4.02 and Process Automation Device Information Model (PA-DIM) for standard device data exchange
  • OPC UA server to support fleet and asset management solutions via Edge devices and 3rd party systems

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