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Field Information Manager

Fieldbus device management made easy

ABB Field Information Manager is a device management tool that fully embraces the Field Device Integration (FDI) Common Host Components.

Field Information Manager makes the configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of fieldbus instruments easier and quicker than ever before.

ABB's Field Information Manager software employs FDI technology and is equipped with high-performance and innovative graphical user interface that helps technicians to effectively work with the process instrumentation.

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Field Information Manager

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  • Compatible with installed base, as it supports both legacy DDs and new FDI packages; i.e. one tool for existing and new devices
  • Quick to start – installs on Windows tablets and workstations, scans, identifies & enables access to device within 3 minutes
  • Easy and efficient bulk device configuration of HART and PROFIBUS devices from a central location, enabled via device connectivity through ABB AbilityTM System 800xA
  • One tool for all needs - can be used in the Engineering station, in the Field, back of the panel or in maintenance workshop
  • Direct connectivity to HART instruments connected to ABB S800 IO through Ethernet to PROFIBUS DP gateway.
  • Direct connectivity to Profinet devices and the Field Communication Interface CI845 with ABB S800 IO and ABB Select IO.
  • Connection to the online repository from FIELDCOMM GROUP & download of the Device Drivers / Device Packages
  • Fleet management and Asset management opportunities enabled via Connectivity to ABB AbilityTM through OPC UA 

Connectivity supported by Field Information Manager 2.0


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