ABB Ability™ Field Information Manager

Device management made easy!

Experience our top-tier Fieldbus device management. Functional design offers a best-in-class field experience with latest field device technology, inherently built for engineering efficiency.

Process industries are moving towards smarter, more connected sensors that provide more data and open more possibilities. To make the most of those possibilities, you need intuitive, efficient and futureproof field information management software.

ABB Ability™ Field Information Manager (FIM) lets you take control of large fleets of field devices and uphold operational efficiency and measurement accuracy.

Your simple solution for efficient device management. Designed with user-friendly FDI technology, it helps you streamline configuration, commissioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of fieldbus instruments.

The latest release of ABB Ability™ Field Information Manager 3.1, includes large system support with extended number of supported device tags, more flexibility in client/server deployment, additional field connectivity and strengthened Ethernet-APL support. This release also includes usability enhancements when working with device packages and trend views.

Read more in the ABB Ability™ Field Information Manager brochure

Intuitive - Designed for best-in-class field experience

  • Intuitive multi-user interface for easy navigation and data interpretation
  • Can be used in an engineering station, in the field, back of the panel or in the maintenance workstation
  • Quick to start - installs on windows servers, workstations and tablets, access to devices within 3 minutes
  • Connects to Online drivers' repository - eliminates the trial & error search of device drivers

Efficient - Built to boost your engineering efficiency

  • Zero configuration topology with scanning, auto detect and assignment of device packages to field devices
  • Compare instrument configuration to various sources of project data for early detection and correction of errors
  • Individual bulk parameterization and device management configuration of smart field devices
  • Effective execution of device management tasks with multiple users working in parallel
  • Automated, hands free, multi-point smart sensor loop checks, testing and enablement
  • Autogenerated documentation for reporting and/or transfer to 3rd party engineering systems

Futureproof - Supporting latest field device technology

  • Leverages FDI technology, which combines the simplicity of EDD and information richness of DIM
  • Supports both legacy DDs and new FDI packages; one tool for existing and new devices
  • Supports a wide range of field protocols such as PROFINET, ASi-5, Ethernet APL, HART-IP, Wireless HART and Profibus
  • PA profile 4.02 and Process Automation Device Information Model (PA-DIM) for standard device data exchange
  • OPC UA server to support fleet and asset management solutions via Edge devices and 3rd party systems

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