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ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite

Makes operations and asset optimization easier than it looks

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ABB Ability™ Genix brings together the combined power of industrial analytics and industrial AI as an enterprise-grade platform and suite to transform productivity and operational excellence

Optimization and prediction can be tricky. The challenge is how to best utilize data to boost productivity, reduce costs and improve performance across the whole digital value chain.

Now there’s a simple solution to meet that challenge – ABB Ability™ Genix, a scalable, smart analytics and AI driven platform and suite that makes data utilization easier by bringing together your data with domain knowledge, technology and digital capability.

With ABB Ability™ Genix, you can speed up decision making to predict and optimize asset, plant and enterprise performance; and get actionable insights customized to your operating conditions and needs. Additionally, you get much more value from your data by applying analytics across multiple processes and sites and cutting across functions.

A whole new world of industrial operational excellence

With the advent of Industry 4.0, digitalization and digital transformation have emerged as core drivers for industry. ABB Ability™ Genix harnesses the power of digitalization to drive key business outcomes - helping improve operational excellence, asset integrity and performance, sustainability, safety, energy efficiency and supply chain optimization, amongst others.

ABB Ability™ Genix has been structured as a platform and suite; and on the principle that data is at the center of digital transformation. It supports industries in unlocking immense value from data by contextualizing and integrating data from a variety of systems spanning across units, plants and even the entire enterprise ecosystem; further using industrial AI and analytics to provide deep, meaningful actionable insights. 

Analyst view on how industrial analytics platforms can contribute to lower cost and risk, improve return on assets, improve sustainability and profitability

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Unlocking value through inherent ABB strengths

ABB Ability™ Genix is designed on the strong foundation of a modular architecture to offer options to end users. It brings together real-time operations data from OT, engineering design parameters from ET, transactional data from IT and locational information from geospatial systems to break down silos into one cognitive data lake. Analytics pre-built with domain expertise lead to insights which are highly visual, easy to understand and intuitive to action. Integration with the most contemporary technologies drives the power of ABB Ability™ Genix.

In essence, the capabilities offered by ABB Ability™ Genix through a blend of platform + service + analytics ensure that enterprises benefit from industrial analytics and AI at each step of their digitalization journey.
From ABB, a world leader in integrated industrial and process automation, combining capabilities with IoT and advanced analytics for a powerful industrial analytics and AI solution

Looking to transform your enterprise with the power of industrial analytics and AI?

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A whole new world of industrial operational excellence

At its core, ABB Ability™ Genix is an AI and industrial analytics driven platform that collates data from diverse sources across the enterprise and translates this data, using our deep domain expertise, into actionable insights. Users at all levels across the enterprise can engage with the platform using a suite of pre-built applications, with the additional capability of self-service analytics.

Integrated yet modular, open yet completely secure, operational yet highly strategic - ABB Ability™ Genix truly embodies the power of digital transformation to drive complete enterprise-wide digitalization. 

ABB Ability™ Genix is a combination of analytics applications built on a robust and scalable platform to drive value through digitalization

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October 2020
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