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Digital transformation in mining

More than just a technological revolution, the digital transformation also depends on people and processes.  We welcome people, companies and society as a whole into a sustainable, digital and autonomous mine of the future.

ABB is your enterprise digital transformation partner experienced both in IT and OT, data science and change management, who can move around the world with you as your transformation program grows.

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Break down old industry boundaries

Your business faces a lot of challenges:
  • How to respond to shifts in consumer and employee expectations?
  • How to make sustainable practices affordable?
  • How to unlock the potential in data and create better experiences?
  • How to leverage the knowledge of suppliers, start-ups and consultants?
  • How to create proper enterprise architecture and data governance?
  • How to scale up digital initiatives?

The digital economy is breaking down old industry boundaries. You can pull in the capabilities you need and quickly capitalize on new opportunities, paving the way from a mine with islands of automation to carbon-dioxide-free, connected, mobile, collaborative and autonomous mining of the future.

Get your digital program backed by ABB


We create new opportunities for mining industry with a partnership approach: from planning to implementation and achieving the set goals.

For more than 130 years, from the advent of electricity to today's data-driven industry, ABB has continued to enrich its knowledge of mining industry and is as enthusiastic about digital as you. Together with our customers and partners, we are setting new standards in:

  • Sustainable, safe and high performing organizations
  • Responsible and optimized business practices
  • Energy & emissions management
  • World-class manufacturing
  • Supply chain & customer experience
We create new opportunities for mining industry with a partnership approach
Energy efficiency

Plant energy efficiency through electrification and integrated electrical control with power management

Reduced CAPEX

Reduced CAPEX costs related to total installed and commissioned electrification and control system

Better ore recovery

Plant can react to ore variability ahead of time and increase recovery with higher equipment utilization

"...It’s estimated that mine digitalization could save $373 billion by 2025
raising productivity, reducing waste and keeping our mines safe..."


Understand ABB's digital partnership approach

We help mines plan, prioritize and execute enterprise-wide initiatives that create value with digital. This is how we proceed, willing to work with and bring partners - from start-ups to established companies.

1. We build the foundation:

  • by identifying objectives
  • by evaluating the current state with a digital maturity assessment and prioritizing best use cases to start with
  • by executing an agile co-creation approach

Contact us to request  a workshop.

2. We contribute to your vision of the future

and start building it together through business case and roadmap development.

Here is how your future mine might look like.

3. We help you drive the change

across the entire value chain, plant and enterprise based on your goals and priorities:


Make your enterprise ready for the future

The future is shaped by the innovations and advances of the present. As a pioneering leader in digital industries, ABB collaborates with many companies operating or serving the mining sector to bring real-world implementations of industry best practices.

Taking people along on the digitalization journey is paramount, ensuring the workforce keeps up with industry transformation and new ways of working. Learn more from the specific digital use cases on how you can:

  • adopt proven digital applications and services
  • co-create new approaches from the idea to market
  • keep learning with our mining experts.