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Digital transformation in mining industry

Creating new opportunities for mining industry with a unified, cross-functional, enterprise-wide and collaborative approach to digital transformation

In the world disrupted by digital technologies, successful mining companies set the vision, empower employees, involve partners, quickly respond to and make the most of changes. They create change, combining operational excellence with innovation, grow trust, take risks, thing big and move fast.

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Digital transformation as a journey

Mining companies can't rely on aging systems to support the business activities of the future. To remain competitive, they need to transform, creating new operating and business models and fostering digital culture.

We see a plethora of technology to assist miners in their roles such as fully and semi-autonomous robots, drones, increased use of artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, digital twins, 3-D and 4-D printing and ever more innovative ways to transform. Experimenting, piloting, learning and adapting will help prioritize the technologies with the biggest impact for each specific situation, paving the way from a mine with islands of automation to carbon-dioxide-free, connected, mobile, collaborative and autonomous mining of the future.

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Goals and measurable ROI of digitalization in mining

It is estimated that mine digitalization could save $373 billion by 2025 raising productivity, reducing waste and keeping our mines safe. But the ROI of digital transformation isn’t traditional. Cross-functional teams work together with industry experts — removing inefficiencies, automating steps in the processes and changing the ways to go from idea to the market. New tools speed up innovation, reducing design cycles and development time. The investment in digital transformation, skilling up employees and collaboration with specialized partners will :

  • Reduce capital cost, minimize risk and keep projects on schedule across the entire value chain
  • Increase level of automation, improve quality, move people away from danger and protect the environment
  • Enable integration of control and monitoring data from multiple sources
  • Guide day-to-day and strategic decisions with real-time and historic data per defined KPIs
  • Quickly resolve and predict unwanted situations using advanced algorithms, modeling, analytics, remote expert assistance

Example value

Reduce CAPEX costs related to total installed and commissioned electrification, and control system


Plant energy efficiency through electrification and integrated electrical control and power management

Energy efficiency

Plant can react to ore variability ahead of time increasing recovery with higher equipment utilization

Better ore recovery

Our approach - ABB Ability™ MineOptimize

Assessing, automating, optimizing and collaborating are only a few of the values digitally connected products and services can create for the mining industry. ABB unifies and simplifies access to all its digital solutions for mining and minaral processing under the single portfolio - ABB Ability™ MineOptimize.

An integrated portfolio of digitally enabled:
  • Engineering, project management and consulting capabilities
  • Automation, electrification and infrastructure products
  • Mining specific software libraries and packages
  • Collaborative services

Digital applications and services for mining