ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer

Improve your productivity and reduce downtime with 24/7 access to all emission monitoring system data

With the global focus on emissions and sustainability, industries are under even more pressure to increase the agility and reliability of emissions monitoring in real time. ABB’s Genix Datalyzer is an application that has been developed to help customers respond to this challenge. 

The solution offers enterprise grade, comprehensive, cloud-based analyzer fleet monitoring, unlocking the value of asset data through actionable insights.

The solution is scalable & flexible in deployment, removing complexity while transforming data into business value and driving business outcomes seamlessly from an asset to a fleet of analyzers.

Taking the guesswork out of emission monitoring systems.

Datalyzer overview

Managing the six dimensions of emission monitoring

Solution structure

Genix Datalyzer dashboards

Fleet overview

Plant overview

Analyzer view

  • GIS data & location of each analyzer on site
  • No. of total online & offline analyzers
  • Heat map showing performance of installed base
  • Top 5 analyzers with most process alarms in last 24 hours
  •       Health index analysis
  •       Analyzer availability indication
  •       Process measurements
  •       Historical trends



  •       System diagnostics
  •       Constructional parameters
  •       Parameter correlation chart
  •       KPI display
  •       Asset Parameter trends
  •       Enhanced visualization using heat maps & charts
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