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ABB Adaptive Execution™. An evolved approach to large capital projects.

For a capital project to thrive in today’s environment, it needs a fresh approach. ABB Adaptive Execution™ integrates expert teams, new technologies, agile processes, shared learnings and proven methodologies into a more evolved end-to-end solution. One that’s tied together with our ABB Ability™ platform, which brings together over four decades of industrial digital leadership, advanced connectivity and the latest digital technologies. What’s that mean to you? It means we can minimize risk while delivering significant cost and schedule reductions on your capital project.

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Start-up hours
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Adaptability makes the difference.

ABB Adaptive Execution™ evolves the traditional project approach to deliver results faster—even when you’re facing complexity and change.

The benefits of being adaptive.


The ability to see 360°.


Experience and shared learnings synced for the same goal.


Each doing its own part, for the good of the entire project.


The ability to change scope on the fly.


Using modularity to do more work in less time.

Enhanced Vision

Chameleons are one of the few animals with 360° vision. ABB Adaptive Execution is one of the few solutions that gives you a 360° view of your project, which is necessary to set an accurate scope and price.

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Effective Execution

Through experience and learning from others, dolphins work in sync to make sure the whole pod thrives. ABB Adaptive Execution makes sure your project thrives through the exact same methods.

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Advanced Collaboration

When each ant performs its own special role, the entire colony thrives. Shared success is also how ABB Adaptive Execution helps you achieve the schedule despite complex interdependencies, making sure your entire project thrives.

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Surprising Agility

The hummingbird is engineered to change direction mid-flight in the blink of an eye, with surprising agility. That same trait is how ABB Adaptive Execution makes sure you have the right people with the right skills at the right time.

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Empowered Efficiency

The modular design of a honeycomb eliminates customization, empowering the bee to do more work in less time, yet still build a strong, reliable infrastructure. A lesson also employed by ABB Adaptive Execution.

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“ABB Adaptive Execution™ will change the way in which customers, EPCs and vendors interact. We can create better business value for our customers by creating an environment where everyone can do his or her own part with confidence, empowering delivery teams to achieve more, in less time. This is the key to overall project success.’’

Brandon Spencer

President of ABB Energy Industries

Explore the ABB Adaptive Execution™ lab.

Take a virtual, interactive tour of our Adaptive Execution lab to learn more, view demos and explore the inspiration behind this highly evolved solution to large-scale project management.

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