Modular Automation

The future of flexible process plants. Reduced time to market through service-oriented plug and produce automation solutions. 

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Modular Automation is a key element for industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. Moving from monolithic automation systems for complete production plant to modular-enabled, more flexible and service oriented plug and produce automation solutions will allow faster process implementation, ability to scale the capacity by numbering up and down the production and improved capability and speed of product changes.

Modular Automation is the right solution for process industries that are facing market requirements such as more customized products, shorter delivery times and smaller batch series down to batch size 1.

With a vision to demystify the complexities involved in the production environment, ABB has launched the world's first commercial modular enabled process automation solution. This is the first solution to combine an orchestration layer and a module layer integrated with module type packages (MTPs) technology for cost-effective modularization at one of the major life science companies, Bayer AG.

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