Process orchestration for modular production

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Orchestration systems - superior control systems for easy engineering and flexible production in process industries

Modular automation is the corner stone of future process plants and crucial in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Distributed Control Systems will evolve to orchestration systems that manage the operation of the process modules offering encapsulated process functions as services. The services are orchestrated by the plant operator in the modular enabled DCS to reach the optimal production process. This is achieved through the Module Type Package (MTP), a standardized methodology enabling interoperability between any module and orchestration system developed within the MTP framework.

The orchestration system triggers the production process, collects all feedback of the services, handles the information and returns the commands for each process module. All the information on the current state of the plant is available on the HMI of the modular enabled control system.

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How to choose a process orchestration system?

The choice of the orchestration system is crucial for the plant efficiency. It needs to have the right flexibility for fast integration and removal of new modules. The orchestration system also needs to have the vital features of a process control system:
Modularization of process automation systems simplifies plant level engineering, makes the production more flexible and improves the overall competitiveness.

Modular enabled automation systems

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