ABB robot works in the world's most advanced autonomous robot kitchen

ABB robot works in the world's most advanced autonomous robot kitchen

ABB Latvia started working with robotic kitchen company Roboeatz in 2018 when we sold them our first robot. In 2021, Roboeatz launched their first robotic kitchen called ARK (autonomous robotic kitchen). Now it is the most advanced autonomous kitchen in the world, and the customer is negotiating agreements to expansion into North American market.

"We started working with Roboeatz back in 2018 when they acquired their first ABB robot. Today, the same robot is in use in their pilot restaurant, and we have four years of successful cooperation behind us, which will certainly continue in the future. We have proven to be a trustworthy partner with whom we can find solutions to even the most complex problems," says Vadims Sceglovs, Project Manager for ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation in Latvia.

What is ARK?

Autonomous Robotic Kitchen that cooks and serves hot or cold complex meals at the velocity of one meal per minute. The robot is capable of making over 10 000 recipes from 80 food ingredients, and from a single load of fresh ingredients, the robot can prepare over 1000 customised dishes. ABB's IRB 4600 robot can prepare four different dishes simultaneously and can replace three to five workers and is completely autonomous. Roboeatz's ARK is the only kitchen of its kind capable of providing such a large number of hot and cold meals made to order. All thanks to our IRB 4600 robot.

The ARK is primarily designed to cater for people visiting airports, hospitals, gas stations, schools, and entertainment venues. This eliminates the need to provide pre-packaged and unhealthy food that needs to be preserved for a long time and served quickly. With the Roboeatz solution, fresh food is conveniently and quickly available.

What are the biggest challenges facing the food industry today?

The Roboeatz ARK project is a solution to a number of problems facing the food industry, such as labour shortages, high labour turnover, labour costs, food wastage and food-borne illnesses.


The Roboeatz project is able to solve all these problems in a very cost-effective way, with a high level of hygiene and reliable measurement of food quantities. Another major strength of Roboeatz is its collaboration with leading manufacturers such as Halton and B&R.

In the future, Roboeatz plans to expand to 1000 robotic kitchens sold in North America and Europe. First 5-6 stations with IRB 4600 robot will be produced at the latest by end of 2022.


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