The ultimate in versatility for automated production environments

The FlexFeeder, in combination with ABB’s Integrated Vision, allows you to sort an array of components, ranging from 3 mm to 30 mm, without having to change the feeder each time a different component is fed into automation system.

The automation of electronics in manufacturing demands
flexibility, reliability and speed. To meet the ever expanding
requirement for small parts feeding, ABB has developed the
FlexFeeder, a functional module for industrial robots to pick
up parts and implement applications like sorting and assembly.
The FlexFeeder can interface with either the IRC5
robot controller or any PLC controller.

Efficient and flexible
The FlexFeeder is available in two variants, the single and the
double. The larger unit increases the working time between
refills. Small internal gap design and integrated backlight options
increase the flexibility in feeding various small parts.

Compact design for time, space and cost saving
Both variants are designed to be compact to save on installation
space and shorten cycle times. Additionally, two or
more feeders can work side-by-side, eliminating the need for
separate vision systems.
Robust but silent
Driven by pneumatic cylinders, the FlexFeeder takes parts
from an unordered bulk supply and dispenses them in small
quantities onto the flat pick surface in the field of view of the
vision system. The maintenance-free friction plates guide the

Easy to integrate, easy-to-use
Ground and rack mounting methods simplify the installation
procedure. Handles make the moving and lifting much easier.
The GUI makes it possible to test the FlexFeeder with one
click and to monitor the production status.

Sensors can detect and signal when the tank needs to be refilled.
The tank can be purged without power. Changing parts
can be done easily and safely.


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