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ABB’s comprehensive 6-axis articulated robot portfolio delivers the ideal solutions for use in material handling, machine tending, spot welding, arc welding, cutting, assembling, testing, inspecting, dispensing, grinding, and polishing applications.

ABB’s collaborative robots are made for a wide range of tasks, in operations of every size. They’re easy to set up, program, operate, and scale. Built by industry-leading experts. And serviced by the broadest service network in the industry. Whatever you need, we’re here to support every step of your automation journey.

A complete range of paint robots to help you increase the productivity and quality of your paint shop operations. Designed for automotive interior & exterior painting, tiers, and general small & medium parts painting applications.

ABB’s Delta robot portfolio is the leader in state-of-the-art high-speed robotic picking and packing technology for use in the picking, packing, and packaging applications. Our delta robots offer the greatest flexibility in a compact footprint.

Quick, precise, and reliable, ABB’s SCARA robots are ideal for customers requiring rapid cycle times, high precision, and high reliability for material handling, loading & unloading, picking & placing, and small part assembly & testing applications.

ABB is the only company with a comprehensive and integrated offering of robots, AMRs and machine automation solutions. Discover our autonomous mobile robots now.


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