IRB 7720

Enhanced range delivers significant performance benefits including up to 30% energy savings
The IRB 7710 and IRB 7720 have a heightened focus on efficient modular design. They offer energy savings of up to 30%1, while delivering world-class performance and quality. They include 16 variants with payloads ranging from 280kg to 620kg The robots were developed in response to customer demands for enhanced flexibility and sustainable production.

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Key benefits


The robots achieve class-leading motion control with path accuracy down to 0.6mm at high speeds up to 1600mm/s.

Energy savings

The robots combined with OmniCore achieves 30% less energy consumption.

Greater choice

16 different variants empower customers to select the ideal robot for various applications.


LeanID DressPack eliminates swinging cables and supports off-line programming to enhance uptime.


Efficient modular design
These large robots are based on the same groundbreaking modular design as IRB 67X0, with standardized components across all large robot platforms, including the base, lower arm, and upper arm. All of the robots now have the same footprint, enabling faster, more convenient, and more flexible installation when changing robots in different production lines.

Robot variants: 
IRB 7720-620/2.9
IRB 7720-530/3.1
IRB 7720-510/3.3
IRB 7720-450/3.5
IRB 7720-560/2.9 LID
IRB 7720-480/3.1 LID
IRB 7720-400/3.3 LID
IRB 7720-400/3.5 LID

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Unmatched productivity and quality
Powered by the OmniCoreTM V400XT controller, the robots achieve class-leading motion control with path accuracy down to 0.6mm, even with multiple robots running at high speeds  up to 1600mm/s. Customers can benefit from an up to 25% reduction1 in cycle times, further enhancing productivity and quality. 

In the construction sector, the new robots can support the growth in modular construction by constructing steel building frames and surface finishing with improvements in speed and quality. 

Energy savings up to 30%
The robot’s energy efficient design in combination with OmniCore’s re-generation technology achieves up to a 30% reduction1 in energy, while the built-in power pack can relay energy back to the grid.  

Greater flexibility and choice
As manufacturers ramp up production, they can choose from a wide range of ABB robots to ensure they have the right variant to handle various applications across a wide range of industries such as automotive, agriculture machinery, construction, and logistics, as well as mega casting in the foundry industry.

Built to operate in the harshest environments — available with Foundry Plus protection.

Target applications

  1. High-payload assembly and handling, such as giga casting, EV batteries, foundry parts, and cabins.
  2. High-speed press tending and palletizing, such as car doors, frames, boxes, and pallets.
  3. High-accuracy contact applications, such as machining and friction stir welding.
1 IRB 7710 compared with its predecessor IRB 7600 running in the same payload of 500kg on the previous controller IRC5. 




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