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ABB Robotics is driving automation in the construction industry with new robotic automation solutions to address key challenges including the need for more affordable and environmentally friendly buildings and to reduce the environmental impact of construction, amidst a worldwide labor and skills shortage. Robotic automation offers huge potential to enhance productivity, efficiency and manufacturing flexibility throughout the construction industry; in the fabrication of modular homes, robotic welding and material handling on building sites and 3D printing of houses and customized structures.

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Enabling safer and sustainable construction

Robotic automation can enable new methods of construction and reduce the environmental impact of the industry by improving quality and cutting waste. Yet in a recent survey ABB found only 55% of construction companies are using robots, compared with 84% in automotive and 79% in manufacturing. Our expertise in these industries can help the construction industry quickly break new ground with robotics and automation, speeding up 50 years of progress into 5 to 10 years.

Addressing skills shortage and improving safety

The industry labor shortage is a growing issue, with younger people put off construction careers by perceptions that it is a dangerous occupation. Robots can make construction safer by handling large and heavy loads, working in unsafe spaces and enabling new, safer methods of construction. Using robots for the repetitive and dangerous tasks that people increasingly don’t want to do means automation can help support the industry’s labor and skills crisis and make construction careers more appealing to young people.  

Help construction become more eco-friendly

With the industry facing increased environmental regulation and the need for more cost-effective buildings, robotic automation reduces waste by improving quality and consistency, which is significant when it’s estimated that up to a quarter of material transported to a building site leaves as waste. With automation and digital solutions, builders can also design waste out at the beginning of a project through effective building design and construction processes. 

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