IRB 5720


High-performance large robots, payload from 90kg to 180kg

ABB is expanding its large-size robot portfolio with IRB 5720, offering faster, more robust, and accurate performance. The IRB 5720 is available in four variants, presenting a choice of options for payload from 90kg to 180kg, reach from 2.6m to 3m.

IRB 5720 is ideal for use in material handling, machine tending, and high precision assembly applications in the Electric Vehicle battery production, automotive, and the general industries.

Need a little less payload or reach? Check out the IRB 5710.


Key benefits


Up to 25% faster than other robots.


High accuracy and position repeatability 0.04-0.05mm enables high quality manufacturing.


Integrated DressPack eliminates swinging cables, increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs.


3 multiple mounting options maximize production design flexibility.


Key features

Faster and more robust
Thanks to the robot’s robust design and OmniCore V250XT controller’s motion control, the IRB 5720 provides improved speed and accuracy to help increase productivity. IRB 5720 is faster than other robots in its class and up to 25 percent faster than IRB 6700 and IRB 6620, enabling more products to be manufactured in less time.

More accurate
With the excellent position repeatability (0.04-0.05mm),
path repeatability (0.1-0.14mm), and path accuracy (1-1.2 mm), IRB 5720 is more accurate than other robots, enabling the highest levels of manufacturing quality to be achieved.

Flexible production layout
IRB 5720 has 3 multiple mounting options, including floor, angled, inverted for maximum production layout design flexibility.

LeanID Integrated DressPack
By integrating cabling within the body of the robot, ABB’s unique LeanID Integrated DressPack reduces the problem of swinging cables that can cause wear and tear, reducing downtime and maintenance cost. LeanID makes it easier to program and simulate with predictable cable movements in RobotStudio®.

Compact application cell
The smaller turning radius enables compact application cells, saves floor space, allows increased robot density.

Robot variants
IRB 5720-180/2.6
IRB 5720-125/3.0
IRB 5720-155/2.6 LID
IRB 5720-90/3.0 LID



Main applications

Suitable for a wide range of production tasks, including spot welding, cutting, material handling, machine tending, assembly, plastic molding, metal casting, cleaning, laser welding, dispensing & gluing, and spraying applications, as well as specific operations in EV manufacturing such as battery module picking and placing.


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