Connect your robots using IoT Gateway - OPC UA or MQTT


Key benefits

Standardized and secure data
Interoperability between devices, machines sand industries
Integrated communication from sensor to cloud
Manufacturer- and platform-independent
Allow manufacturers independent exchange of information


Features and benefits

Now available in our IRC5 robot controller and OmniCore controller family, the IoT Gateway lets you join your factory floor to your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)system for a truly seamless insight into your complete operation.

The IoT Gateway software enables seamless data transmission with industry popular standard protocols, including OPC UA (Unified Architecture) and MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

This enables seamless data transmission from the factory floor, machine to machine (M2M), robots to machines, robots to sensors, to the MES/ERP systems, or to the cloud, connecting ABB controllers and robots to the cloud for truly joined up production.

With IoT Gateway, you can seamlessly transmit data from the factory floor, machine to machine (M2M), robots to machines, robots to sensors, to the monitoring system (MES) or to the cloud. 

With IoT Gateway now included in our OmniCore controller family and IRC5 robot controller, you can use our robots alongside machines from other vendors while ensuring they speak the same language.

IoT Gateway bridges the gap between the IP-based world of IT and the production floor. Interfaces, gateways and the associated loss of information are a thing of the past because all production process data is transferred via a single protocol – within a machine, between machines or between a machine and a cloud database. IoT Gateway is eliminating the need for traditional factory-level fieldbus system.



3 steps to get started with OPC UA

Contact your local sales to buy the IoT Gateway
Download IoT Gateway from the RobotStudio Developer Center
Start to connect your robots using IoT Gateway


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