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The OmniCore platform powers our extensive robot portfolio, providing future-proof, scalable control to automate almost any imageable application with the industry’s broadest robotics offering

Bundling more value than any other robotic controller, OmniCore delivers on our hallmark promise of robust motion control and safety while integrating top-tier cyber security, connectivity, and integrated sensor and AI processing.

The OmniCore platform stands out for its capacity to enable motion, force, and sensor applications, all out of a single unified system. OmniCore delivers the full value provided by the ABB Robotics hardware and software portfolio in any combination, offering boundless potential for customer innovation and value creation. With its unprecedented pairing of accuracy and speed to robotics motion control, for efficient operations.


OmniCore family


Key features and benefits

Highest productivity and quality

Robots achieve class-leading motion control with path accuracies down to 0.6mm, even with multiple robots running at highest speeds of up to 1600mm/s

Cyber security and full traceability

Built-in cyber security and traceability features allow businesses to increase quality and productivity by reducing downtimes

Future proof

Designed for easy integration of market-leading computing power, enabling AI, Cloud, and advanced vision systems


Automating any imaginable applications

OmniCore works with all major robotics communication protocols, allowing simple integration of sensors, cameras, conveyors, track motions, and other peripherals.

OmniCore enables the concurrent, high-speed, and high-accuracy control of external devices, such as spot-welders, paint heads, or glue dispensers, and robot motion. This facilitates very precise applications such as high-path-accuracy arc welding, spot welding, mobile phone display assembly, dispensing, gluing, laser cutting, as well as material handling, machine tending, picking & packaging, and palletizing.

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Benefits of FlexPendant

  • Develop personalized operator interfaces for the FlexPendant.
  • Create tailored solutions for customized function packages.
  • Design your own icon on the FlexPendant.
  • Access key features using the multi-touch display.
  • Unplug during operation and share among several robots (Hot swappable).

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