OmniCore™ E10 controller


Ultra-slim controller for faster, scalable and more energy efficient manufacturing

OmniCore E10 helps manufacturers stay one step ahead of changing market demands, enabling them to accelerate automation and providing the flexibility to meet changing demands, including production space, energy efficiency, scalability, digitalization, and minimum downtime.

With the same, full, motion control performance as all OmniCore controllers including built in I/O, the E10 is designed to power ABB’s SCARA and articulated robots with payloads up to 11kg such as the IRB 1300. The E10 controller makes our robots even stronger and more powerful.

OmniCore E10 controller provides an ultra-slim design for use in confined spaces and high-density electronics assembly lines, while delivering best-in-class motion control, as well as 20 percent energy saving, and future-proofing through built-in digital connectivity and 1000+ scalable functions.

The E in E10 stands for “Essential”, with its ultra slim design it is E10 is suitable for confined space or high-density assembly lines. Its compact design is optimized for small part assembly within electronics production, general industry, or similar, where the small size of the complete production cell is a key requirement.

The OmniCore controller journey continues, and we will keep expanding the OmniCore controller family and looking for ways to use the capabilities they deliver to make our robots even stronger and more powerful. More robots and applications on E10 will follow, as we further roll out the OmniCore controller family across our robot portfolio.


Key benefits


Combining our TrueMove and QuickMove, OmniCore controller offers best-in-class motion control, high speed, position repeatability, and path accuracy.


With built-in connectivity to ABB Ability™ digital platform and Connected Services, OmniCore controller offers actionable intelligence and predictive maintenance services.

1000+ scalable functions

RobotWare, TrueMove, QuickMove, Externally Guided Motion, stop position simulation, Wizard Easy Programming, Robot Control Mate, IoT gateway, and vision.

Up to 20% energy saving

Featuring energy-saving power re-generation technology and brake energy recovery, the OmniCore controller consumes less power by up to 20 percent*.

IoT gateway

Supports industry popular standard protocols, including OPC UA and MQTT. This enables seamless transmission of data from the factory floor and robots to other machines.


The hand-held tech pendant is hot-swappable, allowing the FlexPendant to be shared between multiple robots, accelerating robot deployment and minimizing costs.

Benefits of FlexPendant

  • Larger 8” screen and intuitive multi-touch interface with access to swipe and scroll  
  • Faster time and touch response (capacitive instead of resistive touch)
  • Hot-swappable design allows FlexPendant to be shared by several robots to accelerate deployment 


Ideal for a wide range of high-precision applications, including material handling, machine tending, picking & packaging, cutting,  and assembly.  


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