Accelerate your business with cutting-edge robotics software

Software and digital

ABB Robotics offers a suite of cutting-edge robotics software tools that cater to the needs of our users in different stages of the automation process.

Imagine new digitally enabled processes, realize them on the factory floor, and elevate operations to the next level by simplifying operations and increasing productivity and flexibility.

Interested in our digital solutions? 


Imagine your robotic solution with Digital Twin technology

Model and simulate your automation solution without stopping productivity with Digital Twin, Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. Improve collaboration between teams across any device from anywhere in the world thanks to Cloud technology. Speed up engineering and commissioning time by up to 50 percent with class leading 99 percent accuracy levels between virtual robot and real-world deployment.


Realize exactly what you design with high precision

Bring your robot to life with more than 70 software and application specific options, including safety features and artificial intelligence.

Groundbreaking technologies, best-in-class motion control and path accuracy cuts down errors and reduces power requirements by up to 20%. Accelerate set-up in a smart, fast and simple way.


Elevate and optimize your factory’s performance

Monitor key performance indicators such as cycle time and energy consumption with just a few clicks.

Collect and analyze data from all equipment on your production floor and accelerate production time by up to 20%.


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