IRB 1200


ABB’s IRB 1200 addresses the needs of the Material Handling and Machine Tending industries for flexibility, ease-of-use, compactness and short cycle times while still maintaining large working envelopes


Key features

The IRB 1200 comes in three variants -7 kg/0.9 m, 7 kg/0.7 m, 5 kg/0.9 m. All IRB 1200 variants can be mounted at any angle and come with IP 40 protection as standard. These variants are available with Food Grade Lubrication, Foundry Plus 2, and Cleanroom options.

Food Grade Lubrication option
This option features food grade lubrication on all axes, wrist flanges, motor covers, and IP67 protection against dust and liquid. NSF H1 food-grade lubrication throughout is designed to meet the constraints of food and beverage applications. 

Foundry Plus 2 option
The Foundry Plus 2 option enables the robot to withstand harsh environments and meets the requirements for use in metal die casting, sand casting, forging, and machining applications. The Foundry Plus 2 is IP67 compliant from base to wrist, meaning that the robot’s electrical compartments are sealed against liquid and solid contaminants.

Cleanroom option
This option means that the cleanroom robot is sealed, which reduces particle contamination and prevents grease and oil leakage into production areas for products and devices such as electronics, pharma, and lab automation. The cleanroom robot is ISO 14644-1 Class 3 certified, making it ideal for manufacturing settings requiring exceptional cleanliness and minimal particle emission, all while maintaining top-notch speed and performance.

The IRB 1200 has no offset in axis two, which results in a longer stroke than other small robots and it, meaning it can be placed very close to the work piece and still be functional. This allows for a much more compact installation when the robot is mounted on the ceiling inside a small cell, such as in electronics machining or polishing applications. The robots’ large useable working area contained in a small package leads to shorter cycles and more compact machines.

Features and benefits
  • 15% smaller cells that have 10% shorter cycle times
  • Available with Food Grade Lubrication
  • Optionally with SafeMove functionality
  • Available with Foundry Plus 2 protection for harsh environments
  • IP40 protection as standard; Clean Room, IP67 and Foundry Plus 2 protection are also available options
  • 4 air ducts, 10 customer signals and Ethernet routed internally from wrist flange to foot
  • Mountable at any angle
  • Large usable working area in a compact footprint
The IRB 1200 is powered by OmniCore E10C30 compact, C90XT rugged compact, or IRC5 controllers.


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