The fully automated FOSB packing/unpacking solution for the Semiconductor industry

Easy Field Corporation (EFC) is a leading system integrator for the electronics and semiconductor industry. In order to maintain stable and rapid production needs and avoid wafer pollution or electrostatic damage, ABB Robotics and EFC together create a high-efficiency automatic unpacking solution.


The Story 
A silicon wafer is a material essential for manufacturing semiconductors. In the process of semiconductor manufacturing, when the silicon wafers need to be transferred between machines or factories, FOSBs (Front Opening Shipping Box) are used for holding the wafers to ensure cleanliness and prevent damage, and the Anti-Static Shielding Bag are used for protecting the wafers from contamination.   

The Challenge 
The silicon wafer is so fragile and breakage with its material properties. In a tedious complex semiconductor manufacturing process, the unpacking and packaging process for wafer transfer mostly relies on the staff, working around the clock to catch up with subsequent production steps. To meet the growing demand for semiconductor wafers, maintain the quality, reduce the risk of fragmentation, and improve the production line transportation efficiency, using ABB robotics and automation to maximize production is the manufacturer's top priority. 
The application  
ABB Robotics cooperates with EFC to create an unpacking solution with the optimal cutting path by introducing a cleanroom version of IRB 1200 small robots to connect each station and using IRB 4600 to optimize production capacity. Three robots continuously work together to maximize efficiency.   

The solution 
The solution uses a barcode scanner to compare the information with labels. IRB 4600 robot transfers FOSB to the station for nitrogen filling, and then IRB 1200 equipped with a dust-free ultrasonic cutter cuts the aluminum bag that covered the FOSB. After that, IRB 4600 moves the FOSB to another station to remove the bags and then put the waste bags into the container. Finally, another IRB 1200 places the RFID for IRB 4600 to unload the FOSB.  Such a solution brings many benefits. The robot with an ultrasonic cutter can avoid dust floating in the air, and the waste can be collected by the robotic arm to the centralized waste station, which helps enable mass production and reduce the waiting time for loading and unloading.   

Meeting increased production 

Robotics is widely used in the semiconductor industry, such as packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, and transferring processes. And all the processes must be done in a clean environment. The High accuracy and dependability of the ABB robot keep the vibration level under 0.35G during the process, reduces wafer contamination and loss in the complex process, and achieve the goal of completing 30 times FOSB packing/unpacking processes per hour. It also protects the staff and makes better use of their time and skills. 

"The diversity of technological products is a major challenge when introducing automation, but ABB robots can always meet customers’ needs. After we sell our equipment overseas, we can still get technical support from ABB, which makes us feel at ease when working with ABB Robotics. “said Royal Luo, team leader of Business Division 1. 

With the increasing development of robotics technology, EFC will continue to expand the scope of application and create more flexible automation solutions by working with ABB Robotics. 

About Easy Field Corporation 
Easy Field Corporation (EFC) is a leading company for the integrated development of high-tech industrial processing equipment. The fully automated precision production equipment is mainly used in the optoelectronics industry, semiconductor industry, and power battery industry. The company provides optimal efficiency for customers with the ideal that “Exquisite craftsmanship creates unlimited value” through dedication in the relentless pursuit of perfection in R&D as well as quick service, support, and response. 


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